Studio Policy

West End Guitar Studio - Terms of Engagement      

   To retain a weekly booking the following terms must be followed. Failure to do so will result in your time being allocated to someone else. Please note this is a legal contract between yourself and West End Guitar Studio and the terms are not negotiable. By registering via my website you have agreed to these terms.

All St Paul's students please refer to the Instrumental Music Tuition application form 2018 for contractual obligations and disregard the information in this document as this document only applies to the students of my private practice, West End Guitar Studio. The Instrumental Music Tuition form can be found at

Lesson Bookings


• The first lesson is a free, no obligation trial lesson. If after the initial trial lesson you decide to continue you will be invoiced for the remainder of the term. You can choose to have two pay as you go lessons after the trial lesson before committing to a term or monthly booking. These extra two lessons are to be completed in consecutive weeks, at the same time after the trial lesson and must be paid for in advance or at the time of the lesson.
- ‚ÄčLessons are booked in advance either by the term (ten week block) for weekly half hour lessons or by the month or term for 45 and 60 minute lessons
-All bookings are final and non refundable
• To retain a weekly time slot, both term and monthly bookings require a minimum of 10 lessons per quarter to be paid for. (Minus public holidays)
• Lessons are weekly: NOTE - single, fortnightly and casual lessons are not available except for the first trial lesson.
• General lesson duration recommendations are 60 mins for adults, 45 mins for high school students and 30 mins for primary school or beginner students.
• There are no lessons on Public Holidays.
• New students will be billed as soon as it’s agreed to undertake lessons following the initial trial lesson. 

Term Lesson Bookings

• Term lesson rates - $40/30 mins, $58/45 mins and $72/hr
• A Term is defined as being at least the length of the current public school term which is ten weeks in duration
• Term fees are due one week before the start of term.
• Term invoices will be sent out via email three weeks before the new term commences.
• 3 weeks notice is required to cancel a term booking. Late cancelation  incurs a late fee equivalent to four lessons

Monthly Lesson Bookings

• Monthly lesson rates - $62.00/45 mins and $76.00/hr
• A month is defined as being the weeks from the 1st to the end of a particular calendar month during the public school term.
• Monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month.
• Monthly invoices will be sent out 15 days prior to the actual month of lessons.
• One weeks notice is required to cancel a monthly booking. Late cancelation of monthly bookings will incur a late fee equivalent of one lesson.

Attendance Policy

  •  It is expected that you will be available to attend 100% of lessons throughout the term.
  •  It is expected that you can practice a minimum of 20 minutes three time per week
  •  It is expected that you bring your instrument and music to all lessons
  •  Once your lesson time is set it cannot be changed. However if a mutually convenient space becomes available in my schedule we may be able to accommodate a time change, but this is not guaranteed.

Payment Terms

  •  Late payments incur a late fee of $10.00 per week.
  •  I reserve the right to stop providing service while an account is outstanding.
Cancelation Policy
  •  There are no refunds or credit given for missed lessons. A missed lesson is forfeited with the exception of one catch up lesson per term.
  • 24 hours advance notice must be given by the student to qualify for a catch up lesson otherwise the lesson is forfeited with no credit or refund given.
  •  If we miss a lesson we can either find a mutually agreeable catch up time or I will give credit for the next due invoice or a full refund.
  •  I reserve the right to change my terms and fees with 14 days notice.
Catch up Lessons
  • Catch up lessons are limited to one per term/quarter.
  •  Only lessons canceled with 24 hours notice are eligible for a catch up lesson.
  • Time will be allocated for catch up lessons at the end of each term/quarter. Usually in the last week of school or school holidays.
  •  The catch up lesson is forfeit if can't be attended in the allocated time.
  •  It is the student's obligation to organize catch up lessons at the end of term.